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The Agro vertical is backed by the ENARR Group. The Founders are Nachiket and Divya Singhania. All our produce is certified and incorporates the highest standards in sustainability and quality and it is procured through fair trade practices. The Company’s philosophy is “We can prosper only in a prospering world”. We ensure that the elements involved in the growth process of the produce are completely pure and unpolluted. The growth of our produce is sustainably natural from input to output as the elements involved in farming like air, water, soil, and nutrients are completely pure and unsullied.
Natural farming not only increases the fertility of the land, but is also good for the environment and all stakeholders as it reduces the carbon footprint. Our mission is to procure and produce healthy and natural products. This grassroot approach will help farmers, Self Help Groups and Farmer Producers Organisations (FPO) with whom we are affiliated. Our priority remains the welfare of farmers and towards this end, we have invested in superior grade Bio-pesticides, Bio-fertilizers and Micro-nutrients -spreading the benefits of using renewable energy as far and wide as possible.

Our Agro vertical is gearing up to launch our first home grown brand Nutri Plenty. The range comprises of all-natural, healthy and chemical-free agro products – setting new standards in quality, trust and value.

This vertical also covers engagement with B2B customers who are interested in buying our superior quality food grains and products.