ENARR Group : Leadership Team

Enarr leaders embody the skills and talent necessary to make this company an industry leader. Our senior mamagement are experts in the field, focused on bringing Enarr forward in fulfilling our vision, while staying committed to our corporate philosophy. Enarr leadership harnesses the power of experience and drive to make this enterprise one of the most successful companies in financial and capital markets industry.

Mr. Shhyam Singhania

Chairman of Enarr Group, a boutique investment bank, Mr. Shhyam Singhania has more than 30 years of experience in Textile, Media & Entertainment and Agriculture. Mr. Singhania with a team of sector professionals set-up Enarr Media and Entertainment Fund and Enarr Agri Fund in the year 2011/12. Mr. Singhania is a General Partner at Enarr Venture Capital Fund, a proposed hybrid structure venture capital fund investing in start-ups. Mr. Singhania has hands on experience producing movies that provide a platform for genuine talent. We back films that are meaningful, theme based and packed with passion and commitment. Mr. Singhania has a graduate degree in business and commerce from the University of Mumbai and post graduate degree in marketing and finance.

Mr. Padam Singhania

Vice Chairman of Enarr Group, Mr. Padaam Singhania has 25+ years experience in textile and apparel, financial services, infrastructure and real estate. He serves as General Partner at Enarr Venture Capital Fund. His primary activities at Enarr include heading the international structured finance segment, infrastructure investment segment and Enarr realty - a real estate arm of Enarr Group. Mr. Singhania has graduate degree from University of Mumbai.