NanaNani Foundation

Nana Nani Foundation is a registered public charity trust founded with the primary aim to help improve the "quality of life" of Senior Citizens in India irrespective of caste, creed, religion and social or financial standing.

Nana Nani Parks need no introduction; in fact the Nana Nani Park at Girguam Chowpatty has become an institution by itself and is known almost all over the world. Conceptualization, co-ordination, development and all the activities of the parks have been undertaken by the NNF spearheaded by its founder trustee Mr. Shhyam Singhania.

The seed that was planted by Mr. Pramod Navalkar former Minister, has now blossomed, and ready to spread its branches giving shade and solace to thousands of Senior Citizens.

We are grateful to all our sponsors who have so generously extended their support to this noble cause. It would be impossible for us to thank all of them adequately. Nevertheless, special mentions must be made to Dena Bank, one of the most respected Public Sector banks in India and Eureka Forbes Ltd., a large direct marketing company in India. The other supporters include Union Bank of India, Simplex Infrastructures.