ENARR VC Fund : Company Profile

The growth of the Venture Capital Industry in India had tremendous success. VC's have provided an entire new dimension to growing Indian economy. With the platform provided by VC Industry, the emerging India dream has become a reality for a many start-ups and helped India sustain its increasing momentum towards becoming the Global Economic Superpower. At EVF, we take pride in becoming a part of that industry and contributing our exceptional talent, global network and strong relationships towards Investments which will have a positive impact on the portfolio companies, our Investors, and the Indian economy.

Investment Approach: The Hybrid Structure

We at EVF have developed a Hybrid Structure Fund which will be looked upon as a benchmark structure and will become a standard of excellence for Investment made within the PE/VC Industry.

At Enarr VC Fund we believe that apart from the large pool of financial resources deployed within the Industry, converting start-ups to successful enterprises requires strong mentorship and guidance from the veterans in Industry to whom start-up belongs. Hence along with bringing veterans from across the varied industries as Investors within our Fund/s, we look to develop a direct relationship between our Investors and Investee companies by providing an opportunity to our Investors to become co-angel (direct) Investors within those companies and enrich the Entrepreneurs with their experience/guidance and relationships. We ask our Investors to work with the management teams of our companies and stay deeply involved in the operations of our businesses, providing them with substantial resources and guidance over an investment period.

Our goal is to identify, nurture and scale entrepreneurs and their ideas into successful world class enterprises. We help optimize decision making, expand the experience and breadth of the management team and help promising businesses accelerate through various stages of development. EVF believes in the approach of becoming partners who empower the Entrepreneurs rather than becoming ‘Equity Owners’. We work as partners and as strategic advisors/mentors with the management of our portfolio companies. In so doing we enable companies to grow organically and become globally competitive franchises. We seek to invest in high quality companies that have strong business franchises, attractive growth prospects, leading market positions, and the ability to generate superior returns.

EVF takes a flexible, opportunistic investment approach that is not anchored to any single geography and we are industry agnostic. Globalization has made it mandatory to open our fund to cross regional opportunities help better assist and expose our portfolio companies in dealing with developments across various regions of the world.