ENARR Group : Company Profile

The ENARR GROUP is promoted by the Singhania family. The philanthropic Singhania family is presently headed by Mr. Shhyam Singhania and Mr. Padam Singhania along with a well qualified team of professionals that manage each business vertical and different trusts created with a philosophy of giving back to society as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Collectively we bring a ventury of professional work experience.

With the invigoration and drive innate in Enarr management and employees, the company has gradually expanded and extended its horizons. The company initiated its investment banking operations through Enarr Capital by helping Indian Corporates raise structured finance – Debt & Private equity as well as M&A intermediation – focus being on cross border transactions – both inbound & outbound. Today Enarr Infra and Capital Advisory Private Limited is a strong team of professionals having its corporate office at Mumbai.

We offer a diverse range of services and solutions in the Structured Finance & Debt area to corporates working closely with banks, financial institutions and other providers of finance. This is done by leveraging our expertise and relationships to strengthen and grow lasting customer economic value. We are committed to leveraging our relationships to accelerate our clients path to increased revenues, valuation and success.

Strategic objective

Disciplined execution of innovative financial strategies and solutions catering to corporate and financial institutions in order to converge their strategic business objectives.

Roadmap to strategic objective

  • Think beyond conventional approaches
  • Overcome financial bottlenecks
  • Adopting innovative business approach
  • Exceed standards of professionalism and to work with team spirit
  • Serve with a smile and to have single minded devotion to clients interest