Corporate Social Responsibility

The philanthropic Singhania family has contributed to many humanitarian charities for over 100 years The earliest charities go back to 1911 some of these charities are:-

Indian Seamen’s Society, set-up at TilBury Port near London, UK in 1911. This was a hospital built for Indian sailors as there was no facility for Indian seamen sent to fight the wars alongside the British troops in the early 1900's days.

UDCT (University of Mumbai, Department of Chemical Technology), the entire property and building fund were donated by the Singhania family. Till date fourteen readership and scholarship programs are sponsored by the group to incite students and professors. Owing to efforts made by Late Mr. Puranmal Singhania, the Government of India adjudged name of the street adjacent to UDCT as Puranmal Singhania Road, as it stands today.

The Bombay Hospital Trust, set-up in 1948 for less previdedged patients, inaugurated by Respected Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Stewart and Deputy Prime Minister of Indian National Congress and Independent India, is among the largest hospitals in India with more than 1,000 bed capacity under one roof, where the Singhania family was principal donor through Mrs. Krishnabai Singhania, wife of Mr. Puranmal Singhania. The Bombay Hospital has built another 600 bedd hospital in Indore, Madhya Pradesh in Central India - another 600 bed hospital is planned in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The Nana Nani Foundation is a 10 year NGO committed to the care and cause of the elderly. Focusing on the three main requirements of senior citizens viz. social interaction, financial security and balanced health & wellbeing, the foundation has been contributing relentlessly over the years. Presently, the foundation is being run on the sole funding of its managing trustees Mr. Shhyam Singhania and Mr. Padam Singhania. The foundation is taking care of large number of senior citizens directly or indirectly. The foundation plans to set-up multiple assisted living communities, retirement villages and old age homes as well as medical & healthcare facilities. Further information is available at